Forklift Operator Safety Training Kit

ABC-KD11-123 - Forklift Operator Safety Training Kit

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The "Forklift Operator Safety Training Kit" provides everything you need to meet the OSHA formal instruction requirement. Materials are available in DVD and VHS formats, Powerpoint® and PDF files.

Training Kit Contents

  • Your Choice of a DVD or VHS Training Program
    • Contents of the Standard
    • Types and characteristics of forklifts
    • Pre-operational inspections
    • Basic driving, stability, and load handling
    • Fuels and batteries
    • Attachments
  • Complete Leader's Guide on CD with printable items
    • Quiz and Answer Key
    • Training Log
    • Certificate
    • Copy of OSHA Standard 1910.178
    • Wallet Cards
    • Listing of Site Specific Information
  • Forklift Safety Plan
    • Fill-in-the-blank manual
    • Follow the printable instructions
    • Print your own custom safety plan!
  • Power Point® Presentation
    • Contains 58 customizable slides and corresponding instructor notes
  • Additional Information CD
    • Includes booklets from OSHA, NIOSH, and Other health and safety organizations
    • Hundreds of pages of printable information
    • All information pertains to the operation of forklifts
    • Includes some items in Spanish